Official Weather Policy

In the event of a sudden shower, the program will be temporarily suspended; however, every effort will be made to complete the program after the rain stops. If in the opinion of Crowley's Ridge Raceway Officials the bad weather will prevent a return of safe racing conditions in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining races will be postponed or cancelled as follows:
  1. The program will be considered complete (no rainchecks) if either half of the scheduled events or run or half of the feature laps are completed.
  2. Some of the remaining events may be run as part of a future program.
  3. In the event of rain, curfew, or any circumstances beyond the control of the officials, the race may be declared complete or continued at the discretion of the official in charge.
  4. If the program is not considered complete as described above, your ticket stub will serve as a raincheck for the designated rain date.
  5. In the event of a raincheck, NO CASH REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

Official Decisions

As with all competitive sports, it is necessary to have rules and regulations to ensure fairness for all the participants. It is the intent of the management and all officials to be fair and impartial in their decisions. Any decision by the track officials will be final.